PV Squared

Since 2002, PV Squared has provided renewable energy solutions to homeowners and businesses in the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding regions. We’ve grown from a four-person company to more than ten times that size. As a worker-owned cooperative, we’re invested in the happiness of our clients, the livelihoods of our workers, and the health of our community.

We work hard to deliver projects that go above and beyond, not just in terms of power production and finances, but also in terms of thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Our client-focused approach has built a reputation for quality and service that is second to none.
Renewed By The Son

Is everyone talking to you about Solar? Why not talk to us!

Renewed by the Son is locally owned and operated in Erving since 2009.  Brandon Turner – owner.

We offer:

Service: our partnership with Sungage Financial means we can offer peace of mind with homeowner-friendly solar financing options.
Investment: purchase your solar system and reach payback in as little as 5 years.
Commitment: from consultation through installation and into the future – your local solar company. We will still be here when they are gone.
Northeast Solar

Northeast Solar is the leading installer in the Pioneer Valley. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners, farmers, and businesses realize their solar dreams.

We believe that the world’s energy needs can be met with renewable energy. This can be accomplished through education, community action, conservation, and the installation of renewable energy systems. Our business model promotes employee empowerment, reinvestment in the community, and a passion for achievement. Our success will be measured by our contribution and not by our profits.
(413) 247-6045
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