Northfield supports Dept. of Fish and Game land acquisition

NORTHFIELD – The Northfield Selectboard approved Tuesday the acquisition of land by the Department of Fish and Game to be maintained as open space.

Selectboard Chair Alex Meisner said he received a request for the approximately 9.22 acre plot.

According to Town Administrator Andrea Llamas, the property is located off of Old Vernon Road and is currently owned by Nourse Realty LLC.

Selectboard member Barbara Jacque said the property is “out in the woods.”

Llamas noted it is abutted by other protected properties owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Department of Fish and Game. “It’s pretty straightforward,” Meisner said Tuesday. “They’re considering the purchase of this land. I don’t have any issues with it, I don’t see any interest that we would have in the land. I think it’s good to preserve some of this stuff.”

The land is stated to currently be “open space and in natural condition,” and Jacque noted the letter states the property would be retained as open space. After acquiring the property, the Department of Fisheries and Game will pay the remaining real estate taxes on the property for that fiscal year, as well as the full real estate tax bill on the property for the following fiscal year.

“Basically this came about because they are acquiring the property from the realty LLC, and they can do so, but if they get support from the town it just allows them to do so waiving a 120-day waiting period,” Llamas explained.

The Selectboard voted unanimously to support the acquisition by the Department of Fish and Game.

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