Adia Bennet, Saraphina Forman and Willa Sippel: ‘If we give up on our climate, we give up on humanity’

We’re not the first generation to know climate change, but we’re the last to be able to do something about it. We all know the horrendous effects that climate change has. Climate change is not some abstract prediction for the future; it is happening right now. And if these carbon emissions continue at this rate, things will get much, much worse.

We too often deal with climate change as a one-dimensional issue, when really, this is far from the truth. Climate change is racist. Climate change targets people living in poverty, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised. Those who are already disadvantaged by race or income are affected the most in environmental disasters. And according to the October United Nations report, if we fail to meet the 2 degrees Celsius warming target within the next 12 years, there is no turning back.

As youth, we know that it is our future that is at stake. It is difficult living our normal lives knowing that the government is not taking the necessary actions to protect our future. We are taking steps backward at a time when our survival relies on progression and solution.

We cannot give up. If we give up on our climate, we give up on humanity. Through legislation, as well as individual dedication and group action, climate change can be slowed. The new legislative term brings new beginnings and with it, new, great representatives who want to end climate catastrophe and are willing to do something about it.

Two of these people are Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa and Sen. Jo Comerford, who are speaking at the Town Hall at Northampton High School on Feb. 15. It’s important for the community to have a voice and a conversation with the leaders who represent them, and this will be an opportunity to learn more about how they will aid Northampton in efforts to end climate change.

Adia Bennet, Saraphina Forman and Willa Sippel
Northampton High School Environmental Club

Author: Going Green

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