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Only one, early on, now none. Very unusual in my large yard, dirt road, surrounding woods. Winter feeder only. Summer feeders attract bears.

My feeder record started in 2001. Best variety was 23 in 2014-2015. That included the occasional Carolina wren, 1 wild turkey, and a barred owl watching hungrily from a tree branch. Deep snow that year made him hunt little birds.

Also that year I had chickadees, purple finches, tufted titmice, house finches, slate juncos, white- and red-breasted nuthatches, 1 pair of cardinals, mourning doves, lots of goldfinches, hairy and downy woodpeckers, 1 red-bellied woodpeckers, many blue jays, 1 white-throated sparrow, 1 tree sparrow, 1 pine siskin, 1 starling and 1 redpoll. Wow! Not even close any year since.

This year, only 11 kinds so far and only that 1 blue jay. So glad they are cared for in Whately. This year I have seen 1 crow and a busy flock of evening grosbeaks to add to this small group: chickadees, nuthatches, 1 pair down and 1 pair hairy woodpeckers, slate juncos, 1 pair of cardinals, titmice and mourning doves. Dare I ask for a good, old-fashioned snowstorm?

I buy large bags of unsalted peanuts for birds and squirrels red and gray. Birds seem to like the mealworms I mix with black sunflower seeds. A real treat.

Mox feed comes in plastic bags which return to the store where they are recycled into shopping bags. Saves our oceans.

The changes at my feeders over the years show me that pesticides and global warming are harmful to our dear birds as well as us.

Nan Clark

Author: Going Green

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