Standing up to ‘the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief’

As a new subscriber, I was happy that the Gazette included the article “Trump falsehoods on climate report” this Saturday. Trump’s persistent misinformation on climate (and other issues) is infuriating. It was satisfying to read the article, which effectively and swiftly debunked several of Trump’s recent false claims about climate change. I know that many of us who live in the Valley feel stymied right now about how to move forward on fighting climate change — especially when Trump, the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief, is in the Oval Office.

Fortunately, progress is being made on climate change in Congress, where this week Rep. Ted Deutch, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and three others introduced a bipartisan climate bill, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which puts a price on carbon pollution while protecting low- and moderate-income households.

I encourage those who want to fight for a livable climate and a healthy, stable, and prosperous America to learn more about the bill at Then, write to Rep. Jim McGovern (or your representative in Congress) and encourage him to support this historic and important bill. Trump’s days are numbered (I know that I’m not the only one counting down).

​​​​​​We can’t let one denier stand in the way of climate progress. Let’s build the political will to fight climate change, in an approach that is effective and bipartisan.

Vis Taraz

Author: Going Green

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