Valley Views: Backyard Goldfinch, Hatfield 

Backyard Goldfinch

Straits Road, North Hatfield,

Photograph and text by Dot Barnard, North Hatfield,

I have always enjoyed watching all the bird activity happening at my backyard bird feeders throughout the winter but there is nothing better than watching the colors of the birds come alive when they are dressed in their breeding plumage in the spring. Goldfinches, in particular, are one of my favorites. On the day I captured this image in late April, I set out my lawn chair close to the pine tree where my feeders hang and happily watched the finches fight over a spot on the thistle feeder provided for them. These little guys can get pretty scrappy when they are hungry.

This image was created with a handheld long telephoto lens with an attached extender mounted on a crop sensor DSLR for added reach.

Dot Barnard is affiliated with the Robert Floyd Photo Gallery, 2 East St., Southampton. It is open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., also, by chance/appointment.

Author: Going Green

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